Classification – name: Literary studies
Format: Hardback
Dimensions: 70х 100 1/16
Pages: 1160 p.
Publisher: A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IWL RAS Publ.)
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Language of the publication: Russian
Type of document: Monograph
Funder: Foundation for Basic Research
Funder – grant number: 17-04-16506
Funder 2: Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation
Funder 2 – grant number:: 09-04-00340а; 11-04-00213а
ISBN: 978-5-9208-0574-4
ISBN (books series): 5-9208-0165-4
Year of publication: 2018
Date of publication: 2020
Place of publication: Moscow
Chronicle of the Life and Work of S.A. Yesenin. In 5 vols. Vol. 5. Book 2: December 23, 1925–mid 1926. Мoscow, IWL RAS Publ., 2018. 1160 p.
Ex. editor: Natalia I. Shubnikova-Guseva

About ex. editor:

Natalia I. Shubnikova-Guseva, DSc in Philology, Director of Research, A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Povarskaya 25 a, 121069 Moscow, Russia.


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The publication is carried out with the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research under the project No. 17-04-16506, and Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation under the project No. 09-04-00340а; No. 11-04-00213а.


The second book of the 5th vol. of the Chronicle of the life and work of S.A. Yesenin includes materials from the last days of the poet’s life, death and funeral, additions to the previous volumes, posthumous materials from December 24, 1925 to the middle of 1926, and Reference materials to all volumes of the Chronicle. The appendix to the volume contains documents, photographs and facsimiles of autographs from state archives, museums and private collections.