Classification – name: Literary studies
Author: Olga A. Krasheninnikova
Pages: 54-67
Publisher: A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IWL RAS Publ.)
Rights – description: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 (СС BY-ND)
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Language of the publication: Russian
Type of document: Research Article
Collection: Documentary and Fiction Literature in Russia of the 18–19 Century
Year of publication: 2022
Place of publication: Moscow


Krasheninnikova, O.A. “ʽDiariush’, or ‘Day Notes’ of Saint Dimitry of Rostov as an Early Attempt of Diary Literature in Russia.” Documentary and Fiction Literature in Russia of the 18–19 Century. Ex. ed. V.M. Guminsky. Moscow, IWL RAS Publ., 2022, pp. 54–67. (In Russian)

About the author:

Olga A. Krasheninnikova, PhD in Philology, Senior Researcher, A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Povarskaya 25 a, 121069 Moscow, Russia


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“Diariush”, or “Daily Notes” of St. Dimitry of Rostov is a small but very important work of the saint, his diary, in which he recorded the main stages of his biography, the days of memory of his relatives and friends, his prophetic dreams and visions. The testimonies of “Diariush” were later used as the basis for the Synodal edition of the Life of St. Dimitry. The article deals with the main documentary and artistic sources of the diary — the martyrology (memorial) of St. Dimitry, his travel diary, autobiographical story, epistolary, etc. The author of the article makes a conclusion, that “Diariush” is the literary monument, which contains two temporary layers: a real, historical time and the circle of the annual Church memories of Minei-Chetii, i. e. time earthly and eternal. The sanctity of the author of the diary was expressed by his sense of belonging not only to the earthly, but also to the heavenly reality.

Keywords: St. Dimitry of Rostov, “Diariush”, autobiography, chronicle, martyrology, circle of annual church holidays, initial and chronicle edition.