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Mayya M. Polekhina, DSc in Philology, Professor, Professor of the Department of linguistics and translation studies, MGIMO MFA of Russia (Odintsovo), Novo-Sportivnaya 3, 143005 Moscow region, Odintsovo, Russia.


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The article deals with the diary entries of I.A. Bunin in the discourse of everyday life in the aspect of the philosophical and aesthetic searches of the writer in one of the tense periods of Russian history from the twenties and thirties. Most of Bunin’s diaries have not survived, the writer preferred not to submit them to the reader’s judgment. The material that is available for study gives an idea of the artist’s creative personality, of the phenomenon of everyday life in his heritage. Everyday life in Bunin’s diary entries is considered in the aspect of ontological and axiological dominants. Everyday events, processes and phenomena that make up the structure of the natural, everyday course of the writer’s life are accompanied by the author’s comments and emotional-figurative characteristics. The image of the artist emerges, experiencing violent emotions about the destruction of the old world, Russian culture, traditional values in the rapid movement of time and, at the same time, retaining the invariability and certainty of his beliefs and preferences.

  • Keywords: I.A. Bunin, diaries, emigration, archival materials, everyday life, axiological dominants, creative personality of the artist.


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