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  • Classification – name: Literary studies
  • Format: Hardback
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  • Publisher: A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IWL RAS Publ.)
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  • Language of the publication: Russian
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  • ISBN: 978-5-9208-0693-2
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Place of publication: Moscow
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  • Maxim Gorky and World Culture: A Collection of Scientific Articles (Materials of the Gorky Readings 2018 “World Value of M. Gorky (on the 150th Anniversary of the Birth)”. March 27–30, 2018, A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Мoscow). Мoscow, IWL RAS Publ., 2023. 720 p. (In Russian) 1 Electronic Optical Disc. Text: Electronic.
  • Editors: Lidya A. Spiridonova

Information about the editor:

Lidia A. Spiridonova (1934–2022), DSc in Philology, Head of the Department for the Study and Publication of M. Gorky’s Creativity, А.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Povarskaya 25 a, 121069 Moscow, Russia.



March 28, 2018 marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Alexey Maximovich Gorky. The international anniversary scientific conference “Gorky Readings 2018 (On the 150th anniversary of the birth of A.M. Gorky)”, held on March 27–30, 2018, at the Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was attended by more than 80 scientists from thirteen countries: Russia, the United States of America, France, Italy, China, Poland, Japan, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Algeria, Ukraine, Korea. The event included four plenary sessions devoted to the most important theoretical issues of research on Gorky’s creative work and at sectional meetings on the following topics: “Innovation of Gorky as the Artist”, “Gorky and the Literary Process of the 20th century”, “Gorky in the World of Art”, “The Life of Klim Samgin as the book of the century”, “Gorky’s creative legacy in museums and libraries”. Maxim Gorky’s importance as a thinker, artist and person is reflected in the works, which were completed by the participants after the end of the conference. The book is addressed to various specialists — philologists, culture experts, historians and others readers interested in the history of Russian literature of the 20th century.

Keywords: Gorky, Stalin, socialistic realism, synthesis, realism, modernism.



Introductory speech by V.V. Polonskiy
“He Was the Biography of His Century...”

Lidya A. Spiridonova
The Works of Gorky and the Emergence of Socialist Realism

Natalia N. Primochkina
The Problem of Culture and Civilization in Gorky’s Interpretation (1920s)

Paola Cioni
The Political Project of Maxim Gorky and “New Life”

Michel Niqueux
M. Gorky and Gnosticism

Iwona Krycka-Michnowska
Gorky in Poland: Stages of Reception

Wang Jie Zhi
The Significance of Maxim Gorky’s Works for Modern Chinese Literature

Ren Guangxuan
Teaching Maxim Gorky’s Creativity in Chinese Universities

Serge Rolet
Gorky through the Eyes of France Slavistics (Based on the History Of Russian Literature of the Paris Publishing House “Fayard”, 1987–1990)

Cesare G. De Mickelis
Gorky at the Origins of Futurism

Zaruhi G. Hayryan
Maxim Corky and Armenia

Elda Garetto
Olga Resnevich-Signorelli and Maxim Gorky: The History of Relationship (from the Italian and Russian Archives)

Jutta Scherrer, Daniela Steila
The Idea of a “New Man” against the Background of a Complex Friendship between Maxim Gorky and Alexander Bogdanov

Luciа Tonini
Mario Puccini among M. Gorkyʼs Readers in Italia (Based on Unpublished Sources in Florentine Archives)

Michaela Böhmig
A Review of the Publications in Italian Language of the Works of Maxim Gorky

Jean-Baptiste Godon
Gorky as a Godfather: The Relationship between Gorky and Zinovy Peshkov (Based on Correspondence)

Lukas Bruna
Fashinated by the Image of Free-Spirited Vagabond (on the Reception and Influence of M. Gorkyʼs Literature in Early 20th Century in Japan)

Lee Kang Eun
About the Problem of Gorky’s Soul

Antonio Vladimir Marino
Performances of Works by Maxim Gorky in the Italian Theaters

The Innovation of Gorky — the Artist

Marie-Christine Аutant-Мathieu
Maхim Gorky and Moscow Art Theatre. Cordial Agreement or Complex Relations?

Еlena A. Hamidi
Maxim Gorky and Robert Musil: Points of Contact

Danuta Szymonik
The Life of Matvei Kozhemyakin by Maxim Gorky: Reflecting on the Genre

Zdeněk Pechal
Maxim Gorky’s Irony and Silence: A Drama of Overloaded Memory

Yulia U. Kaskina
Concept “Delo” in Gorky’s Creativity. “Foma Gordeev” (1899)

Inna V. Vasilieva
The Image of the Home in Gorky’s Artistic World (Based on the Works of the 1910s)

Nikolai N. Ivanov
Mythopoetic Paradigm of M. Gorky’s Creativity

Tamara D. Belova
The Problem of the Intelligentsia in Views and Work of M. Gorky

Svetlana A. Makarova
Poetical Oeuvres of M. Gorky in the Artistic Context of Modernism

Alexey V. Svyatoslavsky
Dialogue between Man and Nature as a Means of Forming an Aesthetic Image of the World in M. Gorky’s Stories of 1890s

Kaboudi Fares
Gorkyʼs Ideological and Literary Relationship with Sholom-Aleichem (Based on Correspondence)

Alexander V. Babuk
Literary Anthropology of Childhood in M. Gorky’s Works (Based on the Material of “My Childhood”, “In the World”)

Gorky and the Literary Process of the 20th Century

Elena R. Matevosyan
Understanding of the Russian Revolution in the Works of Maxim Gorky and Leo Tolstoy

Olga A. Kaznina
M. Gorky in the Mirror of Criticism of D.P. Svyatopolk-Mirsky

Olga V. Bogdanova
The Philosophical Model of the Transfiguration of the World from M. Gorky and A. Blok

Marina G. Urtmintseva
Maxim Gorky’s Poetic Autobiography of the Nizhny Novgorod Years

Vera N. Terekhina
Addressee of Gorky vs Heroine of Mayakovsky?

Alla V. Naumenko-Porokhina
А.M. Gorky’s Journalism of Revolutionary Years

Natalya I. Shubnikova-Guseva
In A.M. Gorky’s Hand: the Notes on S.A. Yesenin’s Books

Ekaterina A. Mikheicheva
Philosophy of Personality in “Confession” by M. Gorky and in “Life of Vasili Fiveisky” by L. Andreev

Olga V. Bystrova
“Who Are You with, ‘Masters of Culture’?” Anti-Fascist Theme in Gorky’s Journalism

Nina M. Malygina
From the History of Relations between M. Gorky and A. Platonov: Context and Implications

Marina A. Arias-Vikhil
Gorky and Rolland in 1929: Gorkyʼs Preface to the First Collected Works of Rolland in the USSR

Olga A. Bogdanova
Estate and Dacha in the Dramaturgy of A.M. Gorky in 1900s (“Dacha Dwellers”, “Children of the Sun”, “Enemies”)

Elena A. Osminina
E.N. Chirikov and M. Gorky

Elena I. Markova
The Concept of a Ridiculous Man — Leader in M. Gorkyʼs Essay “V.I. Lenin”

Yulia M. Egorova
The Novel of M. Gorky “Mother” in Literary Criticism

Natalia Z. Kokovina, Irina P. Mikhailova
M. Gorky and the Writers of Kursk Region: to the History of the Personal and Creative Relationship

Alexey E. Novikov
The Images of Merchants and Business Entrepreneurs in the Creativity of M. Gorky and S.N. Sergeyev-Tsensky (On the Materials of the Story “Foma Gordeev” and the Poem “Movements”)

Galina E. Propolyanis

Olga V. Shugan
The Theme of “Asiatism” in the Works of Gorky

Larisa G. Zhukhovitskaya
Letter of the Poets of the Russian Emigration in Paris to A.M. Gorky (March 25, 1928)

Marina Yu. Lyubimova
E.N. Chirikov’s Works in Dramatic Censorship Reports

Elena V. Kudrina
Creativity of M. Gorky in the Interpretations of Contemporary Playwrights

Anastasia G. Plotnikova
M. Gorky and European Cinema of the Early 20th Century

Maxim M. Gudkov
The Play “Mother” by M. Gorky — B. Brecht on Broadway (1935): World Fame and Failure

The Life of Klim Samgin Is the Book of the Century

Luiza K. Oliander
Psychological Field and Problem of Cognitive Dissonance in M. Gorky’s Novel The Life of Klim Samgin

Olga S. Kryukova
Representation of Key Traits of National Identity in Maxim Gorky’s Novel The Life of Klim Samgin

Tatiana R. Gavrish
Artistic Representation of the Reflexing Consciousness (Based on the Material of M. Gorky’s Novel The Life of Klim Samgin)

Olga Yu. Shum
Man as a “System of Phrases”, the World as a “Text” (Based on M. Gorky’s Novel The Life of Klim Samgin)

Tamara V. Savinkova
Existential Problematics in М. Gorky’s novel The Life of Klim Samgin

Evgeniy N. Nikitin
The Life of Klim Samgin and the Literary Process in Europe in the First Half of the 20th Century

Lyudmila M. Borisova
Negative Allegory (Defamiliarization) in the Poetics of M. Gorky

Gorky’s Creative Legacy in Museums and Libraries

Svetlana M. Demkina
M. Gorky: Museum Biography in the Historical Context

Lyudmila B. Belova
Unknown Materials about the Life and Activity of E.P. Peshkova (Based on the Documents from the Funds of the Literary and Memorial Museum of A.M. Gorky in Kazan)

Svetlana A. Konovalova
Gorky Places in Kazan: from the 19th to the 21st Century

Svetlana G. Baybara
Persons of the Epoch. Based on the Materials of the A.M. Gorky Museum Funds

Margarita V. Dontsova, Marina A. Merkovskaya
Innovative Approaches to the Museum’s Exposition and Research Activities in A.M. Gorky Museum (Moscow)

Marina A. Merkovskaya
Soviet Book Graphics from the Fund of the Gorky Museum in Moscow as the Artistic and Stylistic Basis of Exhibition Projects

Irina I. Davydova
The Story of One Portrait from the Art Collection of A.M. Gorky Memorial Apartment-Museum






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